UDevTerm's Story




UDevTerm Terminal Emulator Early development version

The development of UDevTerm began in late 2016. First it was a simple project with the aim to transfer text messages over OTG USB port, that later evolved into development of an application, that would allow communication with text messaging and file transfers over different wired and wirelessly connected communication ports. There have been different solutions on the market for many years, allowing data to be transmitted over different communication ports of touch screen electronic devices, however there was no solution that allowed simulating different terminals such as VT100 and performing data file transfers on different communication ports of these devices, with convenient terminal cursor control and data input in different formats. This project aims to achieve this goal. Unlike other projects that tried to accurately support serial transmission via OTG USB, this project focuses on creating interactive terminal emulators that support as many different communication methods as possible, leaving complex methods such as flow control for future development. The project currently does not provide any open source materials, but it should be noted that different developers develop their projects under different circumstances, which may define when the project can be open source. UDevTerm is written in pure Android as described on the Android Developers site, it does not promote piracy, nor does it allow loading any third-party plugins that allow piracy.