Interactive USB Color Terminal




Description: This video demonstrates how to use Interactive USB Color Terminal split screen representation of input and output data streams in different data formats to operate EdgeRouter Lite router through CLI interface. With comments.

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Interactive USB Color Terminal uses inapp purchases to provide all functionality of UDevTerm terminals. The basic functionality provided by Interactive USB Color Terminal after first installation corresponds to UDevTerm USB Professional edition. Its minimum SDK version is 14 and target SDK version is 27. Wi-Fi Direct requires minimum SDK version 14. Bluetooth low energy requires minimum SDK version 18 for client connection and version 21 for host connection. USB baud rate up to 921600 is now supported.


Key features (with inapps installed):

• Interactive VT100/VT220 (WIP) terminal. Smooth interpretation of gestures into cursor movements. Color support. Compatible with PC programs such as RealTerm, Tera Term, Extra Putty. Two point gesture terminal emulator window history scrolling

• Communication over USB OTG UART serial (RS-232/COM) port, BT virtual serial port, BLE

• TCP/UDP communication over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct

• Telnet support. Allows to process bit sequences like 0xFFFF and 0x0D00

• Modem to send files without protocol and using protocols such as XModem, YModem. Compatible with PC programs such as RealTerm, Tera Term, Extra Putty and Dolphin File Transfer

• Simultaneous independent terminal emulation and/or file transmission over USB OTG, BT and Wi-Fi

• Adjustable window and font size, character set

• Adaptation to device orientation changes

• Clickable web url links

• Log files with transmission records

• Communication with routers over CLI interface (tested on EdgeRouter Lite with Cisco cable)

• Communication with transmission modules like BT HC-06, BLE HM-10 or Wi-Fi ESP8266 through AT commands over OTG USB

• Communication over BT with Arduino Uno, etc.

• Communication with Arduino UNO over Wi-Fi through ESP8266 module

• Data bridge between devices, connected to OTG USB COM, BT virtual COM or BLE and Wi-Fi TCP/UDP ports, with support of Kalman filtering for position estimation for stationary object, or moving with constant speed or constant acceleration

• Simultaneously establish bridge connection over two ports and run a terminal emulator over a third port

• Support of ascii, decimal, hexadecimal and binary messages

• Real time message transmission and deletion in decimal, hex and binary format, allowing to enter and delete messages like in ascii format. Ability to send and delete a number of repetitions of the same character in decimal and hex format in convinient form in real time

• Support escape sequences

• Save and modify sequences in any format for quick access, store command line last inputs

• Full screen and split screen for transmitted and received signals. Ability to represent transmitted and received signals in split screen mode in different formats in real time

• Accurately developed interface, processing of events such as usb detatch, etc.

• Detailed built-in tutorial


current version: 6.2