Wi-Fi Ultimate





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UDevTerm WiFi Ultimate presents the same functionality as UDevTerm USB Ultimate. Instead of

OTG USB it uses connection over WiFi TCP/UDP port.


Key features:


• Interactive VT100/VT220 (WIP) terminal. Smooth interpretation of gestures into cursor movements. Scrollable terminal emulator window with history.

• Communication over WiFi TCP/UDP port

• Modem to send files without protocol and using protocols such as XModem and YModem. Compatible with existing PC programs such RealTerm, Tera Term, Extra Putty and Dolphin File Transfer.

• Adjustable window and font size, character set

• Adaptation to device orientation changes

• Clickable web url links

• Log files with transmission records

• Communication with Arduino UNO over Wi-Fi through ESP8266 module

• Support of ascii, decimal, hexadecimal and binary messages

• Real time message transmission and deletion in decimal, hexadecimal and binary format, allowing to enter and delete messages like in ascii format. Ability to send and delete a number of repetitions of the same character in decimal and hex format in convinient form in real time.

• Support escape sequences

• Save and modify sequences in any format for quick access, store command line last inputs.

• Full screen and split screen for transmitted and received signals. Ability to represent transmitted and received singnals in split screen mode in different formats in real time

• Accurately developed interface.

• Detailed built-in tutorial


current version 5.3