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 UDevTerm - Interactive Color Multifunctional  USB/BT/Wi-Fi Terminal

UDevTerm is an interactive color terminal emulator supporting VT100/VT220 terminal emulation, developed for communication over all kind of communication ports supported by mobile devices. It currently supports USB OTG serial connection, connection over Bluetooth virtual serial port, Bluetooth low energy connection, connection over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct using such protocols as TCP and UDP. It also supports file transmission using protocols such as XModem or YModem or without protocol. A research was made to improve interactive terminal cursor control and now this app provides a very accurate cursor controlled with a touch of a single finger. UDevTerm does not require root. It is written using pure Android as described on site Android Developers, it does not facilitate piracy and does not allow to load any third party plugins that facilitate piracy as well.

UDevTerm Terminal Emulator Terminal Window screenshot

UDevTerm is a program designed to establish communication over OTG USB port, virtual Bluetooth serial (RS-232/COM) port, Bluetooth low energy port, and Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct ports with such protocols as TCP and UDP. It currently supports FT232RL, CH340, PL2303 and CP2102 chipsets and Atmega16u2 chipset in Arduino UNO. UDevTerm is available in Starter and Professional versions. Starter section contains five editions: USB Demo Color Terminal, BT Demo Color Terminal, BLE Demo Color Terminal, Wi-Fi Demo Color Terminal and USB BT Wi-Fi Demo Color Terminal. Professional section three editions: Interactive USB Color Terminal, Interactive BT Color Terminal and Interactive Wi-Fi Color Terminal. Professional versions use inapp purchases to provide all functionality of UDevTerm terminals. The basic functionality provided by Interactive USB, BT and Wi-Fi Color Terminals after first installation correspond to UDevTerm USB, BT and Wi-Fi Professional respectively. Professional versions support USB baud rate up to 921600. USB baud rate of Starter versions is limited to 230400. Minimum SDK version of UDevTerm applications is 14 and target SDK version is 27. Wi-Fi Direct requires minimum SDK version 14. Bluetooth low energy requires minimum SDK version 18 for client connection and version 21 for host connection. UDevTerm supports both smartphones and tablets. Flow control is currently not supported. Each edition contains a detailed tutorial. No root is required.

UDevTerm is developed, programmed, designed and tested by Ashot Kocharian.

copyright © 2016 - 2019 Ashot Kocharian

All rights reserved


Note: On Wi-Fi connection with such computer terminals as Tera Term, these terminals are configured by default to send messages only after clicking Enter button. To send messages in realtime it is necessary to additionally configure terminals according to instructions. For Wi-Fi connection with PC it is recommended to use ExtraPutty for file transmission. Tera Term terminal currently shows worse results for file transmission from UDevTerm to PC. If file transmission does not start, it is recommended to make several attempts by first starting file transmission on UDevTerm and then start file reception on ExtraPutty. This problem will be examined later.


In professional editions terminal processes control sequences both received from external devices and sent locally from command line.


release history


v.6.2 (released 2019/04/29)

Bug fix. In local echo off mode vertical single finger movements act as up and down arrows allowing, for example, to scroll through command history in terminals supporting this functionality. Update  02.05.2019 Fixed bugs in Demo terminals, related to errors in fonts and transfer of data, generated in command line. All apps published on  Google Play Store and on  Amazon Store. Update  08.05.2019 User menu bug fix, which happens after leaving information section. Fixed inapp purchases and app functionality affected by it in Amazon version. Update  10.05.2019 Bug fix for Amazon version. Fixed loading saved parameters on startup. Update  12.05.2019: Single-touch gestures for local echo off mode have been implemented long ago (read last paragraph of part 10 of Terminal documentation for instance). The new single touch gestures processing was added by mistake, is redundant and is removed from the app). Update  26.05.2019: Fixed menu bugs in Starter UBW and Professional editions. Professional editions now support scroll region and home cursor control sequences required for terminal emulator to correctly handle such applications as nano. Fixed bug, causing improper processing of VT100 PC Character Set.


v.6.1 (released 2019/04/15)

 Google Play Store update for UDevTerm USB Terminal, UDevTerm BT/BLE Terminal and UDevTerm Wi-Fi Terminal. Fixed bugs, one of them causing saved settings not loading on app startup. VT terminal foreground and background 8/16 colors ANSI/VT100 Control sequences more accurate support including support of semicolon delimiter. Update  21.04.2019, fixed bug that may cause terminal emulator crash on some data sequences, background color bug fixed. Update  27.04.2019, fixed menu bug that caused the terminal emulator crash when switching between communication types in some cases, fixed inapp purchase bug UDevTerm BT/BLE Terminal, and a bug where in some cases if the Wi-Fi Terminal Emulator was started immediately after in-app purchase, it would cause the terminal emulator to crash. Update  28.04.2019 Fix a bug that caused the terminal emulator to crash when changing the terminal window height and switching from split mode to full screen mode. Fixed improper display and transmission of characters for different encoding schemes for different data formats (ascii, dec, hex, bin).


v.6.0 (released 2018/10/14)

On  14.10.2018 as a part of work on program update in accordance with Google developer policy requirements new versions 6.0 of UDevTerm USB, Bluetooth/BLE and Wi-Fi Professional editions, with support of in app purchases, now known as UDevTerm USB Terminal, UDevTerm BT/BLE Terminal and UDevTerm Wi-Fi Terminal, were published on  Google Play Store.

UDevTerm USB,BT/BLE and Wi-Fi Terminals are combined versions of UDevTerm family with in-app purchases. The basic functionality provided by UDevTerm USB,BT/BLE and Wi-Fi Terminals after first installation corresponds to UDevTerm USB,BT/BLE and Wi-Fi Professional editions respectively. Its minimum SDK version is 14 and target SDK version is 27. Wi-Fi Direct requires minimum SDK version 14. Bluetooth low energy requires minimum SDK version 18 for client connection and version 21 for host connection. USB baud rate up to 921600 is now supported.

Starter editions were updated as well. UDevTerm BLE Starter edition bug was fixed and it is operational now. Fixed bug causing possible Wi-Fi Starer edition emulator crash after setting emulator parameters when connection is established.


v.5.3 (released 2018/02/09)

Added hex values input, save and modify sequences to Starter editions, bug fixes.


v.5.2 (released 2018/02/03)

This release presents significant terminal emulator optimisation and improvement of terminal emulator window interface. One of the consequences of optimisation is increased typing speed. Also unlike previous releases terminal emulator now remains active even when connection is closed. This allows for instance to scroll through message history in terminal emulator window and adapt text to screen rotations when connection is already closed. Update 2018/02/05 for editions with several ports, bug fixes.


v.5.1 (released 2018/01/17)

This release solves a number of performance issues. Introduced color processing appeared to make app run extremely slow on low power devices. To solve this problem selection of different color modes was added to terminal emulator settings. Terminal emulator can now be set to run in "mono", "line" and "color" modes. Exact color displaying is performed only in "color" mode. If terminal emulator runs too slow on chosen device in this mode, it can be switched to the "line" mode. In this mode terminal emulator still processes color information but displays unique colors only for different rows of terminal text. If terminal emulator still runs too slow in this mode, it can be switched to the "mono" mode, in which no color information is processed and displayed. This release also fixed terminal emulator cursor bug happening when cursor is moved both by local user commands/gestures and by incoming remote control sequences. Improved terminal data processing for high data rates. Fixed critical bug that could cause apps crash. This should improve app performace for some users (this problem was noticed on some devices using for example API 16). Update 2018/01/20 for Pro and Ultimate versions, Dec/Hex/Bin bug fix.


v.5.0 (released 2018/01/05)

This release presents improvements of terminal emulator window display and interaction with touch screen events. Added background and font color support. Background color is changed by control sequences 0x1B 0x5B 0x34 0x.. 0x6D, font color is changed by control sequences 0x1B 0x5B 0x33 0x.. 0x6D. Terminal window now supports one point and two point gestures, where two point gestures are used to scroll terminal emulator history. Two point touches are processed in such a way that soft keyboard does not pop up, making use of such gesture convenient to scroll through text in terminal emulator window, even if its height is equal to the whole height of the display. Percentage of scrolled text is now displayed in the top right corner of the terminal window (each terminal window in split screen state). Improved speed of adaptation of terminal emulator to screen rotations. Fixed bugs in Pro and Ultimate emulator versions that support both BT and BLE communication to properly receive and send data for both of them. Fixed bug causing IndexOutOfBoundsException on changing the terminal window height in settings. Update dated 2018/01/07: Bug fixes. Long click on bin button now resets emulator settings without clearing terminal screen, single click clears screen without changing terminal emulator settings.


v.4.6 (released 2017/12/16)

Several days left before the one-year anniversary of UDevTerm. Editions with Wi-Fi connections now support telnet, allowing to process and generate correctly bit sequences like 0xFFFF and 0x0D00, allowing to exchange data with devices using telnet. A bug causing Nullpointer exception on data reception was found and fixed in Wi-Fi Direct Professional edition, now this edition should be fully operational. YModem bug fixed causing packets loss. Bridge connections for USB/BT/Wi-Fi Starter and Ultimate editions now support optional Kalman filtering for position estimation, for stationary object (Starter edition), or moving with constant speed or constant acceleration (Ultimate editions only). The input data stream is a binary representation of text, consisting of sequential numbers separated by space or new line characters. Update v.4.63 (released 2017/12/18) additionally fixed cursor movements for new line send/receive signals, fixed backspace button bug causing Nullpointer exception for Professional and Ultimate editions.


v.4.4 (released 2017/08/17)

Bug fixes. AT terminal mode added to Professional and Ultimate editions. In this mode only a minimum number of control sequences is processed for the terminal to work properly with devices that are controlled by simple AT commands. In some cases for instance on startup such devices may send some data sequences that can not be properly processed by terminal emulators like VT100 and may switch terminal into a wrong state preventing it from normal processing of incoming information. AT terminal mode allows to properly handle such situations.


v.4.3 (released 2017/08/06)

Bug fixes. Ultimate editions Toolbox update. Now supports loading/saving data to binary files, editing hex strings. Toolbox demo added to Starter section.


v.4.2 (released 2017/07/11)

Bug fixes. Modem update. For Wi-Fi file transmission with PC it is advised to use ExtraPutty.


v.4.1 (released 2017/07/06)

Bug fixes. Terminal emulator updated. Now terminal emulator updates during processing of large amount of data instead of waiting for the processing to finish. Stability improved.


v.4.0 (released 2017/06/30)

Fourth major release of UDevTerm with VT100/VT220 terminals emulation (Professional and Ultimate editions). CSI Control Sequences support added.


v.3.9 (released 2017/06/26)

Terminal emulator update for Professional and Ultimate editions (WIP), VT100 escape sequences processing added such as setting application (1B 3D) or numeric (1B 3E) keypad mode, support of UK charset (1B 28 41) etc. (see VT100 manual and inapp manual for more escape sequences). Added support of VT220 terminal emulator 8bit C1 control character codes that can be activated from menu.


v.3.8 (released 2017/05/18)

Bug fixes. Support of terminal control functions (WIP), Added processing of C0 control characters, G0 and G1 modes, VT100 graphics mode added.


v.3.7 (released 2017/05/03)

Professional and Ultimate editions in addition to hexadecimal and binary formats now support processing of data in decimal format.


v.3.6 (released 2017/04/24)

Bluetooth Ultimate, USB/Bluetooth Ultimate and USB/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Direct Ultimate editions upgraded to Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy Ultimate, USB/Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy Ultimate and USB/Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy/WiFi-Direct Ultimate editions correspondingly with support of Bluetooth low energy connections. Users, who previously bought these versions, will get this new functionality after upgrade to new version. For Ultimate editions support of Bluetooth low energy is not mandatory: if your device SDK version is less than 18, Bluetooth low energy functionality will be disabled, while other functions will work as previously. File transmission protocols is a WIP, for USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ports transmission speeds 5 - 50 kBytes/s can be achived depending on selected connection protocol and file transmission protocol. Bluetooth low energy file transmission currently achieves speeds about 0.1 - 1.0 kBytes/s according to test.


v.3.5 (released 2017/04/20)

Fixed bug causing IndexOutOfBoundsException for local echo on mode. If you experienced this bug it should be gone now. New Starter edition for Bluetooth low energy added. This version works only for min SDK 18. For SDK less than 21 only client connection can be established. For min SDK 21 device can be used to host Bluetooth low energy connection. Bluetooth Professional, USB/Bluetooth Professional and USB/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Direct Professional editions upgraded to Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy Professional, USB/Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy Professional and USB/Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy/WiFi-Direct Professional editions correspondingly with support of Bluetooth low energy connections. Users, who previously bought these versions, will get this new functionality after upgrade to new version. For Professional editions support of Bluetooth low energy is not mandatory: if your device SDK version is less than 18, Bluetooth low energy functionality will be disabled, while other functions will work as previously.


v.3.4 (released 2017/03/24)

Bug fixes, terminal emulator update. Terminal emulator performance improvement for less powerful phones (WIP). Fixed issue in Bluetooth connection dialog improving devices pairing reliability.


v.3.3 (released 2017/03/19)

Bug fixes, terminal emulator update. All emulators with Wi-Fi connection in addition to TCP protocol now support UDP protocol.


v.3.2 (released 2017/03/11)

New functionality added to UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Starter, UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Professional, UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Direct Professional, UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Ultimate, UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Direct Ultimate, allowing user to simultaneously establish bridge connection over two ports and to run a terminal emulator over a third port.


v.3.0 (released 2017/02/24)

Third major release of UDevTerm including UDevTerm USB Starter, UDevTerm BT Starter, UDevTerm WiFi Starter, UDevTerm USB/BT/WiFi Starter and professional and ultimate editions with USB, BT, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct support. User interface updated.


v.2.0 (released 2017/02/01)

Second major release of UDevTerm including UDevTerm USB Starter, UDevTerm BT Starter, UDevTerm USB Professional, UDevTerm BT Professional, UDevTerm USB/BT Professional, UDevTerm USB Ultimate, UDevTerm BT Ultimate, UDevTerm USB/BT Ultimate with improved terminal and Bluetooth support.


v.1.0 (released 2016/12/19)

First release of UDevTerm including UDevTerm USB Starter, UDevTerm USB Professional and UDevTerm USB Ultimate.