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USB Demo Color Terminal

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 UDevTerm - Interactive Color Multifunctional  USB/BT/Wi-Fi Terminal

UDevTerm is an interactive color terminal emulator supporting VT100/VT220 terminal emulation, developed for communication over all kind of communication ports supported by mobile devices. It currently supports USB OTG serial connection, connection over Bluetooth virtual serial port, Bluetooth low energy connection, connection over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct using such protocols as TCP and UDP. It also supports file transmission using protocols such as XModem or YModem or without protocol. A research was made to improve interactive terminal cursor control and now this app provides a very accurate cursor controlled with a touch of a single finger. UDevTerm does not require root. It is written using pure Android as described on site Android Developers, it does not facilitate piracy and does not allow to load any third party plugins that facilitate piracy as well.

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