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Electronic and RF Toolbox Bundle.


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 UDevTerm - Interactive Color Multifunctional  USB/BT/Wi-Fi Terminal

UDevTerm is an interactive color terminal emulator supporting VT100/VT220 terminal emulation, developed for communication over all kind of communication ports supported by mobile devices. It currently supports USB OTG serial connection, connection over Bluetooth virtual serial port, Bluetooth low energy connection, connection over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct using such protocols as TCP and UDP. It also supports file transmission using protocols such as XModem or YModem or without protocol. A research was made to improve interactive terminal cursor control and now this app provides a very accurate cursor controlled with a touch of a single finger. UDevTerm does not require root. It is written using pure Android as described on site Android Developers, it does not facilitate piracy and does not allow to load any third party plugins that facilitate piracy as well.

On  02.05.2019 new version  6.2 of UDevTerm was published both in Google Play Store and in Amazon Store. Now UDevTerm USB, Bluetooth/BLE and Wi-Fi Professional editions, with support of inapp purchases, can be found in Google Play Store by links Interactive USB Color Terminal, Interactive BT Color Terminal and Interactive Wi-Fi Color Terminal, and on Amazon Store by links Interactive USB Color Terminal, Interactive BT Color Terminal and Interactive Wi-Fi Color Terminal respectively. These apps use inapp purchases to provide all functionality of UDevTerm terminals. Its minimum SDK version is 14 and target SDK version is 27. Wi-Fi Direct requires minimum SDK version 14. Bluetooth low energy requires minimum SDK version 18 for client connection and version 21 for host connection. USB baud rate up to 921600 is now supported. Also, demo versions of the terminal were updated with fixes of bugs, related to errors in fonts and transfer of data, generated in command line. Last version  6.2 was published on  26.05.2019.

Information: Dear customer. Before purchasing a paid version of the app try using different free versions of the application listed below. From using these free versions you will get a first impression of how a paid app will work on your phone/tablet. If you have any problems, questions or impressions using the app or the website (broken links etc.) you can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write your feedback in stores. If your app crashes for some reason or you experience any other problem, you can describe steps to reproduce the problem, especially if you are using free app version. Remember, that there are thousands of devices this app is compatible with, with different Android versions etc. It can easily happen, that the problem you are experiencing with your device and Android version, does not happen on other device with other Android version. Otherwise you may have to wait if this bug will be fixed in next versions. Share your experience with other users: post your feedback in Google Play Store and Amazon Store. It is desirable that before writing a feedback you first try one of the apps suggested, to write your impression of your real experience using the app.

What do you get? By buying a paid version of this app you will get improved terminal emulation, advanced functionality features such as decimal, hex and binary formats support with realtime convenient input. You can see history of app development in section About UDevTerm of this site. Clicking on drop-down list arrow of this section menu button opens drop down list with other subsections. On some touch screen devices it may be necessary to hold the drop-down list arrow a little longer for the drop-down list of this site menu to appear.


I advise to get information about my app directly from this site, Twitter and other accounts, provided in Links section, Google Play Store, Amazon Store.

Do not hesitate to leave your feedbacks.